Border Collie Dogs for Sale and Puppies expected...


Available Dogs...

Please send an e-mail or give us a call.  Sometimes we have an older pup or dog available. 


Our newest addition...

Skyview welcomes Kate, a daughter of Great Britain International Champion, Mirk, and Imp. Pandy Gem.  She is a cute curly-coated ball of fire...keen, confident, fast and powerful.




Litter Plans...

Some things are worth waiting for....  Please check back for future litter plans. 




Britt is one of our newest working team members.  Britt is a Lass  x McCloud daughter that captures the best Border Collie genetics has to offer.   Temperament, soundness and working ability.  She is keen, confident and beautiful.  (An unbiased opinion.) 



Britt with Albert

Britt working young lambs

Link to video of Britt working lambs at 13 months of age, with just a few weeks of serious work:


We are pleased to introduce Tex.  He is from Red Oliver in Texas from working lines. His parents are both owned by Red - his dam is from Marvin Dawson's and Emil Luedecke's breeding.  His sire is L & M Beck, from Laura Hick's breeding with 3 Great Britain International Champions and 2 Great Britain National Champions in his lines.  Tex is a handsome fellow with speed, power and natural ability.  He is keen and confident on stock.  Hips were rated good by OFA at 12 months of age.


Tex - a sweet boy!

Tex in May 2012


Please contact Catherine at 804-263-6270 or Albert at 804-399-9670 for more information. 



Jack is one of Dudley Fontaine's agility stars!

Axle and Jack are both McCloud and Lass sons!  Here is an update from Jack's owner Dudley...

"...We did the USDAA Natls in Denver end of last month and his team WON the relay (over 180+ teams!).  He won Steeplechase quarter finals and was 2nd in another team class (well over a hundred dogs in his jump height).  He is really starting to shine.  Most importantly he continues to be the sweetest dog I've ever met while also having an incredible quiet intensity for his work.  I cannot tell you how much I love him."    

Here is a link to one of Jack's recent agility runs in Barto, PA in fall of 2012:


Another Lass x McCloud pup shining in the Agility ring...

Lyra is only 18 months old and has her Novice Fast Title and in an AKC trial Nov. 10-11th went first place Q in ExA STD and first place Q in Open Fast!  She is doing well with owner Ginny Myers!

Lyra shown above

Below is another Lass son...


Quinn has his MX title. 

Quinn's channel: &

Quinn - giving a 100% for Ginny

Please contact us for more information on our dogs!

Call Catherine at 804-263-6270 or e-mail


Some of our puppies:

A very intent girl at 4 mos. old - staring at those sheep!

Quinn - a Lass son - owned and loved by Ginny Myers

Quinn is quite the jumper!

 Ike owned by Jack B. - a Lass x Tweed puppy in March 2010 - photo by Christine Henry.

Ike heeling - photo by Christine Henry



Cassie - a Tweed and Jill puppy at 5 months old!  Picture by D. Clements


Puppy updates from current owners:

Border Collie Puppy Updates!!!!



            Crush modeling swimming vests!



Crush doing agility!  


When we do have puppies, they are sold with a contract and they come with a full health guarantee.  Hips are guaranteed to 30 months old and if your dog does not receive an OFA rating, you get one-half of the purchase price refunded to you.

Our puppies are socialized from birth.  It is our experience that puppies who are happy and comfortable with humans become confident, well-adjusted adults. 

Puppies will be temperament tested and we will strive to make suitable placements for each one.   We will ask questions of prospective owners to determine the best fit for the owner and puppy.  Visitors are welcome by appointment only to meet the dogs.  Breeder support is available for the life of your puppy. 


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